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Why join us?

Starting and running your own advisory practice can be challenging and comes with a number of risks.

Accredinet has an established brand and a proven model to create a lasting partnership with our advisors, allowing them to focus on building their business, while we take care of the compliance and administrative tasks.

Our advisors have true independence, with the backing of a secure and reputable FSP.

Accredinet can help you to create a professional and sustainable financial advisory practice geared towards the future.

What we offer you:


You remain in complete control of your practice and you make the decisions regarding your office, staff and clients, as well as the solutions that you will propose to your clients. We provide the security of a larger corporate structure.

Multiple contracts with product providers

We have contracts with multiple product providers and access to multiple category licences, allowing you to provide the best advice to meet your client’s individual needs.


Your clients remain your own. Unlike some other FSP’s, we do not have restraints of trade and will not restrict you in the unlikely event that you choose to resign from Accredinet.

Strong support

Maintaining a thriving financial advisory practice in today’s dynamic environment requires a dedicated support structure. Over and above the administrative and practice management support, we facilitate support from broker consultants and product providers.

Easy onboarding

Offering an easy onboarding process and assisting with book transfers and opening of codes with financial product providers.

Access to technology and tools

Accredinet provides access to Astute and AtWork, as well as providing PI cover and access to key individual and compliance services at no extra cost.

Attractive commission splits with weekly payments

Our dedicated commission administration system provides accurate and complete commission tracking and management. We offer attractive, tiered commission structures resulting in a lucrative business partnership.

Business continuity

Enjoy a safe medium through which to sell your brokerage at retirement or to facilitate succession planning in the event of disability or death.

Referral system

Enjoy commissions on referring business that you do not want to specialise in.

Wealth management proposition

Enjoy access to a category II licence through our partnership with 4D Wealth.  4D Wealth has constructed model portfolios based on a well thought out and rigorously tested investment process to address some of the advice risk faced by our brokers.

Cash management solutions

Accredinet has partnered with Investec’s Corporate Cash Manager (CCM) to enable our advisors to offer their clients access to competitive savings products and rates with no transaction fees.

Additional benefits


  • Get paid weekly
  • Be part of a dedicated team
  • Enjoy accurate and complete commission tracking and management
  • Receive weekly consolidated commission statements
  • Receive notice of commission payments via sms


  • Act under supervision until found competent – Fit & Proper (FAIS)
  • Stay updated with legislation and FAIS regulations
  • Remain relevant and competent in terms of FAIS Fit & Proper

For the advisor

  • Enjoy the benefit of Accredinet acting as a FSP for all our independent financial advisors
  • Act independently within a secure, supportive FSP framework
  • Have the benefit of a Corporate Identity
  • Be able to obtain various contracts with a wide range of product providers – Life (Risk) / Investments / Medical / Short-term
  • Enjoy business contingency
  • Offer lump sums payable to dependents on death or disability
  • Enjoy a safe medium through which to sell your brokerage at retirement
  • Enjoy commission split – lucrative business partnership
  • Retain commission after resignation, as clients remain yours
  • Enjoy a national footprint

No cost services

  • Key Individuals
  • PI Cover
  • atWORK (Online client and compliance management system)

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